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2nd Generation — Legacy Farm

Nestled amongst oak, fir, madrone and manzanita, our connection with our cherished homestead runs deep and true.


Originally homesteaded in the 1880s, Lazy Moon Ranch has been cultivating since 1979. Positioned on top of the south-facing slope of a mountain in rural Mendocino County and located in one of the most prominent appellations of the Emerald Triangle, our farm has the ideal growing conditions.

(Pictured Right: Back-to-the-land movement homesteader, Papa Gino, started growing cannabis for personal use back in 1979. Photo credit: Chemistry)



Operating completely off the grid, we harness our power from solar and hydro electric sources. We carry this sustainable way of thinking throughout our cultivation, imparting organic and permaculture practices. These ideas have been steadily improved upon by the two generations of farmers working the majestic land.

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